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CoScan™ - The PDF Scanner App for iPhone

CoScan - the document scanner for iPhone will scan and OCR your documents in the blink of an eye. Scan letters, contracts, invoices, receipts, magazine articles and other documents in seconds. All processing and text recognition happens on device, no cloud or online connection required - privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

In addition, CoScan will detect and scan all common linear and 2D barcodes; also available is a dedicated QR scan mode which detects QR codes that contain structured data like URLs, email addresses and vCard contacts.

Main screen with the live camera preview:

CoScan iPhone PDF Scanner Main Screen

Screenshot shows iPhone 14 Pro

CoScan supports these scan modes:

The application uses the latest machine learning technologies to straighten, color correct and deskew your scans. On recent iPhones image processing and text recognition are performed in near real time.

Scanning fine print and barcodes with the iPhone macro camera

As a first among PDF Scanners, CoScan supports the Macro-mode of recent flagship iPhones (13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max) to scan texts in small fonts like in fine print and on business cards.

This also helps with scanning barcodes. The DataMatrix code in the screenshot has a size of less than 5x5mm². Even under very poor lighting conditions the code is detected (indicated by the green frame) and correctly identified (arrow points to macro indicator):

CoScan iPhone Scanner App Macro DataMatrix Barcode

Export scans as PDF, Word, TXT documents

Export, share or mail your scans as JPEGs, PDFs with images or as pure textual, high-fidelity PDFs - searchable, indexable and fully editable. Also supported are exports as plain text (TXT) and for Microsoft Word (DOCX).

System requirements: iOS 16 or higher. Download here.

Further reading: Manual