Obtaining an EAN / UPC / GS1 Number

EAN, UPC, and GS1 numbers are maintained by your country's GS1 branch.

Please refer to the GS1 website for details on how to get an EAN / UPC / GS1 number. The GS1 also provides EAN, UPC, and GS1 specifications and technical data.

Note: The GS1 is not responsible for issuing ISBN / ISSN numbers. Click for information on ISBN numbers.

GS1 Branches by Country (Excerpt)

GS1 Europe

Austria - Österreich
Belgium - Belgie
Denmark - Danmark
Germany - Deutschland
Finland - Suomi
France - France
Greece - Ελλάδα
Luxemburg - Luxembourg
Netherlands - Nederlands
Norway - Norge
Sweden - Sveriges
Switzerland - Schweiz
United Kingdom - UK

GS1 Americas


GS1 Asia

Japan - 日本国
China (Mainland) - 中国
China (Taiwan) - 中華民國