Capture Screenshot, Export as Layered PSD

Screenshots with a twist: Softmatic Screenshot Capture captures the screen (or screens) of your Mac and exports to PSD with each window on its own layer. A big timesaver: No more moving around of windows, no more changing of backgrounds. Simply hide or delete windows or screen elements you don't need. A huge time saver and a must have for any designer or developer.

Usage is easy. Screenshot Capture installs into the menu bar with a camera icon. Use shift-cmd-5 to capture the entire screen or shift-cmd-6 to open a dialog where you can select windows of interest.

Softmatic Screenshot Capture Download

Screenshot Capture Features

Global hotkeys let you capture the whole screen or selected windows on your Mac. The created PSDs can be created grouped or with a flat structure. Windows can be captured with or without shadows, great for compositing. System windows like the Dock or the Finder can be excluded from capturing, greatly reducing the file size of the exported PSD.

You can either export the whole screen (when nothing or only the respective screen is selected) or you can select individual windows in the left pane to be exported. Use cmd + left-click to add to the selection or remove from it.

Use menu bar icon Screenshot Capture > Preferences to set the output format and click Save... to save to file.

Open the file in Photoshop. Note the layer structure. Each element is easily identified because application names and window titles are maintained (click to enlarge):

Screenshot Output Formats

  • PSD (grouped)

    Creates a PSD. Builds a hierarchical representation of the screen. Grouped PSD can be opened in Photoshop or Pixelmator. Recommended for most purposes as the navigation in the PSD is much easier if you have lots of windows. However, with this export setting the layer order may be different from the order of windows on the screen.
  • PSD (flat)

    Creates a PSD. All windows are on their own layer in the same order they have on the screen. Flat PSD can be opened in Photoshop, Elements or Pixelmator.
  • PNG

    Creates a PNG. This is basically a full size screenshot of all displays. When exporting to PNG, all windows are exported, independent of any selection.

Praise for the predecessor app, Softmatic ScreenLayers


"Better than I expected, does exactly what it says and more. You can turn off individual screen elements like the dock, any of the menu bar items like the wifi signal meter, even down to the menu bar shadow. The only downside is that it makes HUGE files, dependent of course on your screen resolution. All in all it's definitely worth it."

- US AppStore Review


"Impressive app, the results are amazing, the output psd is perfect, a very useful tool. ----- App impressionante, os resultados são sensacionais, o psd produzido é perfeito, é uma ferramenta muito útil."

- Brazilian AppStore Review


Tut genau das was sie soll und ist, dank Shortcuts kinderleicht bedienbar! So sollten Apps immer sein!

- German AppStore Review

Softmatic Screenshot Capture Download

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