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Product FAQ & Issues - Softmatic BarcodePlus



  1. What are the differences between V4 and V5?

    New & Improved in V5:

    • NEW Support for Datamatrix GS1 barcodes
    • NEW Support for ISSN barcodes
    • NEW Native PDF export
    • NEW Built-in OCR fonts for human readable text
    • Improved compatibility with the latest version of GS1 specifications
    • Improved support for non-ASCII characters in Aztec, Datamatrix and PDF417 codes
    • Improved support for Unicode in QR codes
    • Improved support for ITF 14 barcodes
    • Improved SVG export
    • Improved support for macOS "Dark Mode"
    • Bug fixes and UI improvements

    No longer available in V5:

    • Creation of DataBar GS1 is currently not supported but may come with a future update
    • Font selection; all human readable text is created with the integrated OCR-B font as recommended by GS1. This also eliminates external dependencies
    • EPS export format; EPS is deemed unsafe and the import is no longer available in many applications, example
    • JPEG export format


    • V4: macOS 10.7 "Lion" or higher, Intel or Apple Silicon CPU (emulated)

      Note: There are compatibility issues of V4 with macOS 12 ("Monterey"). Highest supported version is macOS 11.6.
    • V5: macOS 10.15 "Catalina" or higher, Intel or Apple Silicon CPU (native)

    Pricing & Licensing:

    • V4: One-time payment, available through Mac App Store and Softmatic Online Store
    • V5: One-time payment when purchased through Softmatic Online Store. Subscription based when purchased through Mac App Store

  2. Development for BarcodePlus V4 will end on 31 Dec. 2022. The software will continue to function but there won't be any more updates. We recommend all new installs to migrate to V5.

  3. Is there an upgrade path from V4 to V5?

    Yes. Contact us for pricing and availability.


  1. Description: The software doesn't save barcodes

    Applies to: V4.84 or earlier

    Symptom: When clicking "Export" the "Save as" dialog only flashes briefly, then disappears. A barcode is not saved.

    Fix: For Catalina (macOS 10.15) and newer macOS versions, please make sure to use the latest version, V4.85 or higher. Simply download from our download section. If you bought through the Mac App Store, the update should be listed in your purchases.



  1. Will there be a V5 version of BarcodePlus?

    This is currently undecided. For now we plan to continue to support the V4 version on Windows.

  2. Will the software run on Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP?

    The software requires the desktop versions of Windows 10 or Windows 11. Older versions or Windows Server are not supported.


  1. Description: The software can not be installed

    Applies to: V4 (all versions)

    Symptom: Install fails


    • Make sure to properly expand the downloaded ZIP. Do not just double-click it, instead right-click for context menu and select "Extract all". Only run setup.exe after the extraction has finished.
    • On older computers, setup may need to download components from the Web. You may be prompted for confirmation to download those components. Sometimes the confirmation dialog is hidden behind the setup window but should be accessible via the task bar.
    • Depending on your system's security settings, administrator privileges may be required to install the software.