Barcode Fonts and Add-In for Excel 365

This very easy to use barcode font package for Excel 365 creates all common linear barcodes for retail and warehousing.

Video shows generation of sequential Code 128 barcodes. The free bundled add-in handles all necessary data conversion and check digit calculation. No macros, no programming required:

Supported barcode types:

Excel 365 Barcode Add-In - Generating Barcodes in Bulk

Usage of the add-in is very simple: Enter your data or use the Excel auto-fill for sequential numbers, select cells, invoke barcode add-in. Done.

In this example, a sequence of numbers is created and bulk converted to barcodes:

Excel Barcode Add-In Bulk Code 128

No formulas, programming or macros required!

Make sure to see the Softmatic Youtube Channel to see the Barcode Add-In live.

Excel 365 Barcode Add-In - Check digit calculation and data conversion

All codes can be created with or with out human readable text. The human readable portion of the barcode is freely configurable, use any font and size to your liking. The text is automatically centered under the barcode.

The barcode plug-in takes care of all necessary conversion in the background. Check digits (if so desired) are calculated and appended to the barcode automatically. For Code 128, all subtypes are supported, resulting in the smallest possible symbol.

The result: standards compliant barcodes in seconds. The barcodes can be printed with ordinary laser or ink jet printers or with any Windows-compatible label printer. Saving to Adobe PDF is also supported.

Excel Barcode 365 Add-In - Applications

Excel 365 Barcode Add-In - Download

Free trial. The demo is fully functional but will only create Code 39: Download for Windows 10 / Excel 365

Excel 365 Barcode Add-In - Pricing and Licensing

For pricing and licensing options, see the online store.

Excel 365 Barcode Add-In - Manual

See the online manual with examples of bulk creation of Code 128 and Code EAN 13.