Easy barcode creation in Excel

This very easy to use barcode font package for Excel 2010 or higher creates all common linear barcodes for retail and warehousing. The fonts are bundled with an Excel Add-In that handles all data conversion, check digit calculation etc.

Creating a barcode in Excel

To create a barcode in your Excel spreadsheet, follow these steps:

  1. Select cell or cells with your data
  2. In the ribbon, select the Add-Ins tab
  3. Click the Create Barcode button
  4. Select barcode type and size
  5. Choose target cell for barcode creation
  6. Click Ok button to create the barcode
Standard compliant barcodes for your spreadsheet in seconds. Applications include price lists, inventories, serial barcode numbers‚ and catalogs - directly in Excel.
Image of barcode fonts in Excel 2013

Excel Barcode Fonts - Usage

Usage of the fonts and add-in is very simple: Enter your data or use the Excel auto-fill for sequential numbers, select cells, invoke Create Barcode dialog. Done.

In this example, a sequence of numbers is created and converted to barcodes:

Sequential Barcodes Code 128 in Excel

No programming or macros required!

All codes can be created with or with out human readable text. The human readable part of the barcode is freely configurable, use any font and size to your liking. The text is automatically centered under the barcode.

The barcode plug-in takes care of all necessary conversion in the background. Check digits (if so desired) are calculated and appended to the barcode automatically.

The result: standards compliant barcodes in seconds. The barcodes can be printed with ordinary laser or ink jet printers or with any Windows-compatible label printer. Saving to Adobe PDF is also supported.

Excel Barcode Fonts - Sequential Code 128 Barcodes

This video shows the creation of a sequence of Code 128 barcodes. Using Excel auto-fill the user creates a sequence of numbers; with a single click, the whole sequence is converted to barcodes:

Excel Barcode Fonts - Applications

  • Catalogs
  • Price lists
  • Inventory, warehousing
  • Barcode labels
  • ...and many more

Try Barcode for Excel

Windows PC - Softmatic® Barcode for Excel (Excel 2010 or higher, Windows XP or higher)

Download for Windows

Fully functional, all supported code types.

Purchase Barcode for Excel

Windows PC - Softmatic® Barcode for Excel (Excel 2010 or higher, Windows XP or higher)

Barcode Add-In for Excel V5 - Single User, Windows USD 29.95

Software delivered per download. Price plus VAT if applicable. For multi-user licenses see the store.

Comes with a collection of high quality barcode fonts to create the following codes & symbologies:
  • EAN 8, normal and reduced height
  • EAN 13, normal and reduced height
  • UPC-A, normal and reduced height
  • Code 128 A, B, C
  • Code 128 GS1 (aka 128 UCC, 128 EAN)
  • Code 39 / Code 39 Extended, normal and high density
  • Code 2/5 Interleaved (ITF-14), normal and high density
  • Code 2/5 Industrial

More Barcode Software

Barcode Scanner

Zebra/Motorola Symbol LS2208

USB connected laser scanner. Suitable for POS, warehouse, lab etc. It has a nice working range of up to 17" (43cm), ideal if you have to scan barcodes that are out of reach, like on shelves or behind desks.

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Honeywell Voyager 1250G

USB connected laser scanner with stand for hands-free operation. Suitable for checkout, warehouse, lab etc. The scanner is triggered automatically when a barcode is in front of it.

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Zebra/Motorola Symbol LS4278

A cordless (Bluetooth) laser scanner with battery and charger / docking station. Suitable for point-of-sale, warehousing, lab etc. Very convenient, simple plug-and-play installation and operation.

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Label Printer

DYMO LabelWriter 450

Affordable USB connected thermal label printer for Windows and Mac. Cheap consumables, compatible with Word, Excel, Quickbooks, Paypal, Ebay.

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Brother QL-700 High-speed Label Printer

Very fast thermal label printer, up to 90 labels per minute. Can print long banners. Comes with convenient built-in cutter. USB connected.

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DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

Prints labels up to 4.19" (c. 110mm) wide. Very fast, prints more than 120 address labels per minute. High-res print head, ideal for barcodes.

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