128 GS1, GS1 Databar, UPC Coupon Mac Barcode Generator

Based on decades of experience with all things barcode, Softmatic is excited to announce Softmatic Coupons. Softmatic Coupons for Mac is your one stop solution to create all types of coupon barcodes.

Supported coupon barcodes:
  • Coupon-12 with UPC-A barcodes
  • In-store coupons with UPC-A, EAN 13 barcodes
  • Extended coupons (all formats) with Code 128 GS1 and combined UPC-A / 128 GS1
  • Extended coupons (all formats) with combined UPC-A / 128 GS1
  • Extended coupons (all formats) with combined UPC-A / GS1 Databar
  • Extended coupons (all formats) with GS1 Databar only
Here's a sample GS1 Databar coupon, created with Softmatic Coupons:

Coupon with Databar GS1 barcode

The app provides an easy to use entry mask for all relevant fields, like company prefix, offer code, save value etc. All data entry is verified against the GS1 specs so that it's impossible for the user to create invalid coupons. All settings can be stored as presets, so it's easy to recreate coupons if so desired.

The created codes can be exported as vector (EPS, SVG) or raster image (TIFF, PNG). The app handles all necessary conversion and check digit routines automatically.

The number of coupon codes you create with Softmatic Coupons is unlimited. The app does not require online access. Purchase price is a one time payment, no subscription required!

Anatomy of a GS1 Databar coupon barcode

This section is for reference only; Softmatic Coupons constructs the code automatically. We use the sample Databar (subtype Expanded Stacked) from above. Decoding the coupon barcode yields:

Scanned result * 8110100445000180012351106203110813
Separated 8110 1 0044500 018001 2 35 1 1 0 620 3 110813
8110 Coupon Application Identifier (AI)
1 Follows company prefix
0044500 Company prefix (Sara Lee Corporation)
018001 Offer code
2 Follows save value
35 Save value (35 cents)
1 Follows primary purchase requirement
1 Purchase requirement (1)
0 Purchase requirement code (0 = Number of units)
620 Purchase family code (assigned by manufacturer, in this case it's Lunchmeat)
3 Follows expiry date
110813 Expiry date (Aug. 13, 2011)

In plain English: Save 35c on purchase of one (1) package of product. Offer expires Aug. 13, 2011.

* Scanning Databar Expanded Stacked requires a dedicated 2D barcode scanner or imager. Alternatively, an online service like DataSymbol can be used for scanning and decoding coupon barcodes. Mobile phone scanner apps will usually not be able to decode this type of barcode.

Softmatic Coupons is currently under development. A release date has not been set.